Gantry, hide positions at any theme

Gantry could make it very simple to us to hide positions when we need, by adding simple checkbox (on/off) beside each position, but they say: “Why you should hide a position?” … but we want to hide positions, and we want to do it with one click. How? ok, its a 2 lines solution.

I will modify Joomla Nuance Rocket-theme theme.
1st, open file libraries\gantry\admin\forms\fields\showmax.php
Change the line to:
for ($i = 1; $i <= $this->position_info->max_positions; $i++) {
for ($i = 0; $i <= $this->position_info->max_positions; $i++) { 

2nd: Open the file: libraries\gantry\core\gantry.class.php , function countModules
Add this line somewhere at the begining of this function
if($this->get($positionStub.’-showmax’)==0) return 0;

Thats it, very simple. Go make life easier.
Massalha Shady, Web & PHP programmer.