An Example for Anti-Spammers

First I generate MD5 string using TIME function.

$captchaPrefix="_XS".MD5(idate('i',time()) * 2 - 123); //Each one can change this equation as he wish.

I`ll add this suffix to each Form element. Or you can cut it using SUBSTR function to make it smaller

The Preifx is: _XS310dcbbf4cce62f762a2aaa148d556bd

Input elemnt "input":

Input elemnt: "name":

Input elemnt: "email":

And will add Hidden element like this: <input type="hidden" name="minute" value="14" />
$lt;input type="hidden" name="input_XS310dcbbf4cce62f762a2aaa148d556bd" value="1" />
Please, add some values and submit to continue......